September 21 – 25, 2015 – Hepp’s Home Town: Victoria, BC

September 21 – 25, 2015  – Hepp’s Home Town: Victoria, BC

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  • Program 1: Funeral Marketing Blueprint – Sep. 21 & 22
  • Program 2: Funeral Boardroom – Sep. 24 & 25
  • Transition Day: Sep. 23: Funeral Home Tour, Golf, Sightseeing, Cocktail Reception

Other Details:

  • Hepp’s Home Town Tour Pub Crawl (Sep. 22)
  • Private Evening at the Heppells (Sep. 25)
  • Tour at thriving funeral home in 92% cremation market (Sep. 23)
  • Camera crew to record your marketing videos (bring your suit – we’ll create the script) – (Sep. 24 & 25)
  • Plus many more exciting details to come…

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This program is divided into two parts: Funeral Marketing Blueprint (Sep. 21 & 22) and Funeral Boardroom (Sep. 24 & 25).

WARNING: This isn’t your typical Funeral Marketing Conference!

Funeral Marketing Blueprint FuneralMarketingBlueprintPoster The Funeral Marketing Blueprint is my signature training program to education funeral professionals about how to market one’s funeral home as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Funeral Marketing Blueprint is made up of my 7 M’s of Funeral Home Marketing:

  • Mindset
  • Market
  • Message
  • Media
  • Mechanics
  • Metrics
  • Motion

This 2 day seminar will walk you through the process of creating your own Funeral Marketing Plan and also provide you with proven ways to increase the effectiveness of your advertising. This is a complete marketing plan for Funeral Homes with both offline and online channels including Print, Radio, Websites, SEO, Pay Per Click, Online Obits, Videos, Social Media, Online Reviews and Reputation Management.

  • Educational material is provided in logical, step by step format with a consistent message and outcome (instead of random ideas from various presenters that seldom get implemented)
  • Case studies, examples and even live “ad makeovers” will be used to show you how you can improve your advertising immediately
  • Interactive brainstorming sessions to facilitate the creation of new advertising materials that get results
  • “Hepp’s Hot Seat Happy Hour – an informational, uncensored Q & A session to end each day (drinks included)


Here’s what this program will do for you… After attending this live, 2-day event, you will…

  • Be able to map out your marketing and advertising plan so that it is well-balanced, cost-effective and designed to give you maximum ROI
  • Have a clear vision of what target markets you should focus your advertising on in your market
  • Be able to make confident, strategic marketing plans and decisions for any new expansion efforts (such as Crematory, Reception Centers, Discount Locations, Pet Services, etc.)
  • Be able to differentiate your firm from your competition with ease – in your ads, in person, on the phone, and on the Internet


Attendees will also receive…

  • Funeral Marketing Blueprint Worksheets (to ensure that all of your marketing and advertising efforts employ “call-winning” strategies)
  • Funeral Marketing Blueprint Checklists (to review any of your advertising or marketing efforts to make sure that you’re not missing any important “call-winning” elements)
  • Funeral Marketing Blueprint Scripts (to win more calls with your email, website and online video content)
  • Funeral Futurist Online Price Comparison System (to demonstrate the value of your services against your competitors even if they are discounters)
  • Funeral Futurist Turnkey Online Review Generator System (to showcase positive comments from your client families)
  • Funeral Futurist Social Media Formula (to make sure that your social media activities are as effective as possible with the minimum effort invested)

Funeral Boardroom FuneralBoardroom-block-w-boarders This is where a small, intimate group will roll up our sleeves and dive into 5 areas of strategic marketing for your funeral home. We will identify the most important ways to improve your business and more importantly how to get them implemented into your business as fast as possible. Prior to arriving at the Funeral Boardroom in Victoria, my team and I will run a number of reports and analysis on your web presence as well as your competitors.

Client Family Acquisition – Your Funnel:

  • Together we will analyze all of the different channels that can be used in acquiring new client families – for both at need and preneed.
  • We will identify which channels need improvement and document the steps needed to improve them

Winning The Call:

  • We will review your process of handling price shoppers – both phone and web-based. We will make sure that you have the right tools and strategies in place for you and your team to win as many calls as possible – without having to price match.

Competitive Analysis And Exploitation:

  • In this section will look at your top 3 or 4 competitors and identify what they are doing well and uncover where they are vulnerable.  You will leave with a list of strategies to implement that will make you even more successful and at the same time drive your competition crazy.

Stealth Marketing During Funeral & After Care:

  • Don’t worry, this section does not include “in-your-face” marketing tactics to funeral attendees, but rather focus on subtleties that can be introduced from the time that you receive the first call until a year or more after the funeral has taken place. This checklist will not only be a profit center for you but it will also serve as a training guide for existing and future staff members.

Total Market Domination:

  • In this section we will bring it all together by looking at your online presence together with your competitions shortcomings and make sure that you leave with a prioritized list of strategies that will lead you to total market domination once executed.

In the Funeral Boardroom 2-day workshop we will also have three special sessions that will be worth the price of admission by themselves.

Sales Documentary-Style Video Process:

  • This presentation will walk you through the storyboard and scripting of a professionally produced 30 second and two minute sales videos that are not salesy at all. It follows the philosophy of a documentary movie where you will be the star without having to brag about it.
  • As a bonus there will be a professional video crew to shoot your segments – make sure to bring your shirt, tie and jacket or whatever you wear professionally for your time in front of the camera.
  • We will then edit these videos for you where they could be used for TV, but more importantly to capitalize on the powerful, but under-utilized online video ads (which you will learn about at the event).

Funeral Elite Show & Tell:

  • In the session attendees will be asked to share one or two of their best strategies or initiatives with the group. The outcome will be that you will have half a dozen, high-level ideas that you will be ready to implement. Which leads me to the last session…

Immediate Implementation of Your # 1Takeaway:

  • Whether it is from the Funeral Elite Show & Tell or another strategy or two from any of the previous sessions, we will document the steps needed for it to be implemented and anything that I or my team can do to make it happen – we will – probably even before you get home from Victoria.

Questions? Call me toll-free 1-800-810-3595 or call or text my cell 250-686-4576
Looking forward to welcoming you to my home town – see you in September!



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Questions? Call me toll-free 1-800-810-3595 or call or text my cell 250-686-4576
Looking forward to welcoming you to my home town – see you in September!