It has taken over 25 years experience, over $50,000 of education and the development of over 100 websites to construct my Funeral Marketing Blueprint.

Starting in 1986 at McCall Bros. in Victoria, BC – a highly competitive, super-high cremation rate (now 92%) – I helped the owners and managers chart courses through the Wild West of changing funeral trends.

With the success that we had navigating those trends, other funeral homes sought me out to assist their firms. To compliment my in-the-trenches experience, I earned my Business Degree in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University.

At the same time I had become a sponge for information about websites, online marketing, SEO and video marketing. From attending over 25 live marketing events, completing over 50 internet marketing programs (averaging $1,000 each), reading over 100 marketing books and listening to over 1,000 podcasts – all on the subject of marketing – it was my goal to be the most well-rounded (no fat jokes) marketing consultant in the funeral industry.

To date, I have presented over 40 funeral industry conferences and convention, personally host over 100 webinars. Also, I regularly consult for PhDs of the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Business about integrating offline and online marketing and regularly sit as the marketing panelist for BComm and MBA final presentations.

By aggregating all of this knowledge and practical experience, I started creating Virtual Marketing Platforms for Funeral homes – which are SEO and Mobile Friendly websites and then backward integrating them into their overall marketing strategy.

Unlike other marketers or social media peddlers, no one has brought ALL Marketing Efforts for a Funeral Home into one, system that allows the end user – YOU – to interchange and adjust their marketing plan on-the-go.

What I have just described is the Funeral Marketing Blueprint.